The Launch Your Challenge Podcast:

Do you want to grow your business, make more money but stop the 24h grind and get back your time and freedom?

Have you ever wondered how so many entrepreneurs out there are using online challenges to great success... 

but you can't seem to make them work?

Then wonder no more and tune into the Launch Your Challenge podcast where I interview all kinds of entrepreneurs and experts to find out how to launch, run and scale the most profitable challenges possible.

LYC #15: Molle Dorst - Visibility Hack Your Way To A Profitable Challenge

Todays Guest is the Visibility Hacker - Molle Dorst.

She is the leading figure of the visibility hacking movement and loves challenges just as much as I do!

This was such a wide ranging conversation I don't even know where to begin writing a fitting description ;)

We covered topics like:
- What does it take to launch yourself off a cliff?
- How to get into places/buildings you don't belong?

but also:
- What differentiates well known experts from the coach in your neighbourhood?
- How you can audit your own visibility and build a million dollar brand?
- What should you do consistently to run a successfull challenge?

LYC #14: Amber Dietz - How To Find The Perfect Niche For Your Challenge (and business)

Imagine how it must feel to have a 5 year old son and your doctor just told you that you will probably die very soon.

... this is exactly what happend to todays guest Amber Dietz!

But she survived and is now really passionate about helping other entrepreneurs discover their passions and don't die with their gifts inside.

Today we talk about her unbelievable story and also dive deep into something most people really struggle with when they want to launch their business and their challenge:

Finding the perfect niche!


LYC #13: April Edmunds - Be Social, Sell More

Todays Guest on the "Launch Your Challenge" podcast is the social seller - April Edmunds!

April works as a social seller & community manager and helps entrepreneurs engage better with their audience and sell more of their products during their challenges.

We talk about a very underrated aspect of running challenges - Actually talking to the people in your challenge and/or community!

April shares a lot of knowledge on why you need and how you can message your audience as soon as they sign up and not only when you want them to finally buy that damn offer that you opened the cart for a day ago...


LYC #12: The BizBros - How To Turn Content Into Profit

For the first time ever I have two guests on the show. They are brothers both in life and business: Luis & Luis Camejo aka The BizBros.

They help entrepreneurs turn their long form videos and podcasts into bit-sized, value packed, cash generating assets and become omnipresent on social media.

On the show we talk about how to reduce the friction in your content generation process.

How to enable you to create high quality content more easily and consistently.

LYC #11: Marjorie Torre - Unlock The Power Of Chatbots For Your First Or Next Challenge

Todays guest is Marjorie Torre, aka ‘The Chatbot Lady’.

She is a Certified Online Business Manager who loves working in the backend for some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the coaching space. 

She unlocks the power of Chat Marketing combined with the 5-Day Challenge Launch Strategy.

Her bots have been used in a lot of challenges already and in this episode she shares with us how to integrate chatbots into your next challenge.


LYC #10: Dr. Mark T. Wade - How to Grow Your Audience Through Virtual Summits

Today I have a talk with Dr. Mark T. Wade.

He is the CEO of Viral Summits Concierge and the visionary behind the evolution of virtual summits.

He built multiple six and seven figure companies through virtual summits.

Is the founder of the first platform ever created for hosting summits, called Virtual Summits Software.

On top of that, he is the host of the Top Rated Virtual Summit Podcast, inventor of the One-Day Summit, and runs an in-person conference called Summit Fest Live in New Orleans.

LYC #9: Kim C. Dang - The Queen of Chrome Extensions, Automations and FB Group Growth

Kim C Dang is the founder of GroupConvert and is teaching entrepreneurs how to create their own chrome extensions to build up passive recurring income.

Besides that.. she is also - very successfully - running two challenges to grow her business.

Listen into a wide ranging talk about her unusual start into the entrepreneurial journey and why she beliefs that Facebook groups are one of the best things you can have for your business. 

...and her best recommendations for somebody looking to improve their own challenge.

LYC #8: Kyle Gray - Double The Sales In Your Next Challenge With This Three Types Of Stories

Todays guest is a world-class presentation coach, story strategist and author who Thelps his clients use storytelling to attract their ideal audience and inspire them to take massive action.

Means.... my guest Kyle Gray knows a thing or two on how to present and sell without beeing salesy... just by telling the right stories!

On the show he shares - in detail and with great examples - the three different types of stories you need to tell during your challenge to make a lot more sales.

If that is not valuable enough. Just listen to him speak and present himself is super fascinating, eye-opening and reason enough to tune in.

LYC #7: Jill Murwin - Her True Feelings About Challenges

Today I have a very interesting and deep conversation with Jill Murwin.
Jill owns an international travel company that had it's best year ever, made over 1M+ in revenue and lost it all in only 72 hours when Corona hit the world. 

She discovered challenges, ran a challenge on her own and helped a lot of other people run challenges as well. And in our talk she shares the good, the bad and the ugly of online challenges...
Note: We had crazy weather at the time of the recording so there are some sound issues during the recording but I think the value in this interview is well worth the listen...

LYC #6: Marley Jaxx - Become A Thought Leader By Creating Impactful Videos

Want to learn how to become a thought leader and influencer in your field by creating impactful videos?

I am interviewing one of the biggest names in the challenge world out there today!

LYC #5: Doug Boughton - How To Earn 6-Figures With A Free Online Course

Would you like to find out how to go from -$444 in the bank, working 60h+ as a struggling waiter to building a successful 6-figure online business in just 4 months?
This is exactly what Doug Boughtonwas able to achieve... and did I mention that he did it  through a single FREE online course?

Listen in to find out how he did it and why you can do it too!

LYC #4: Leon Hendrix - Using Creativity To Go Viral

Today I have Leon Hendrix on the show.

Leon has build a business, sold it, moved to the US and then used his marketing skills to get girls to apply for a date with him. Controversial but creative.

And he has lot's of creative ideas to share, dealed with much more hate posts than most people get in their whole life and he has a suprising deep insight into life for beeing just 24 years old.

If you need a push to get out of your comfort zone... then this episode is definitely a must listen!

LYC #3: Kathryn Jones - How To Start A 7-Figure Movement

Join best-selling author Kathryn Jones and me for an ass kicking over delivering Mini-Masterclass about her upcoming challenge "How To Start A 7-Figure Movement And Become The Go To Expert In Your Niche".

LYC #2: Shweta Dawar - How To Gamify Your Challenge Through Chatbots

Today I talk to Shweta Dawar about her unusual approach to challenges.
She is an Online Business Manager - who specializes in chatbots - and she has a very intelligent way how to use her chatbot to keep track of her challenge participants engagement, boost it with individualized botflows and a lot more...

You definitely don't want to miss this when you are looking to upgrade your challenge chatbot game!

LYC #1: Rob & Kennedy - The Email Marketing Heroes

Today I welcome Rob & Kennedy on the show.
Two super knowledge but also funny guys who are doing this email thing just a little bit different.

They are also running the list-engagement challenge for the second time now and will share some of the good stuff, their learnings.. and what they really messed up in their second run of the challence with us!

This is really valuable for everyone who needs to upgrade their email game both in their challenge and business... so everybody ;)
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